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Key contacts

Safeguarding Key Contacts

  • Designated Safeguarding Lead: Sarah Smith
  • Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads: Peter Dwight, Stacey Saxby, Sarah Gallagher, Rebecca Norfolk and Victoria Knight.
  • Governor in charge of Safeguarding: Michael Lucking
  • Trustee in charge of Safeguarding: Susanne Frost
  • School care Co-ordinator : Suzanne Schofield
  • Child Sexual Exploitation Champion: Sarah Smith
  • Home Office Accredited Prevent Trainer: Duncan Thomas (college site)
  • E-Safety Lead: Victoria Knight
  • Essex STEPs trainers: Sarah Lincoln, Stacey Saxby, Rebecca Norfolk, Samantha Elliott, Alex Birch, Sarah Gallagher
  • Safeguarding Leadership team: Sarah, Peter, Stacey, Rebecca who meet weekly.
  • Workforce allegations: LADO referrals/Low level staff concerns: Ruth Whitehead


Any concerns regarding Safeguarding should be directed to Sarah or in her absence one of Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads on 01206 825195