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Staff Team

We are so fortunate to have such an amazing team working at Market Field School. All of us who work here are truly passionate about what we do, to us this isn't a job, it is our vocation.

Our Head of School is Ruth Whitehead, Deputy Head of School is Peter Dwight and our Assistant Heads of School are Sarah Gallaher, Rebecca Norfolk, Kim Bere and Stacey Saxby. We are part of Hope Learning Community and our Executive Headteacher is Gary Smith. 


Our staff team for 2023-24.

Class  Teacher Support Staff  
Maple Gemma Rutley Piper-Jayne Gariner, Vanessa Harding, Brooke Higgins, Lorraine Parrott, Julie Peace  
Willow Helen Georgiou Lucy Bird, Maddison Codd, Hollie Hazel-Jones, Emma Stacey, Marie Wares  
Hazel Megan Parris Laila Baker, Laura Larkin, Helen Martin, Amy Passmore, Lotty Pennells, Jane Watson  

Dan Tight

Danya Gallagher

Hazel Clark, Donna Hoggard, Gemma Robinson, Pauline Wallace  

Kim Bere

Laura Gethen

Tracy Box, Leah Doherty, Paige Warner  
Apple Michelle Pope Hannah Farnish, Maisy Pearce, Wendy Reeves, Suzy Smith  

Kat Scott & Elizabeth Turner

Jacqui Corp, Lilly Halls, Sarah Harnett, Dawn Dalmon  
Olive  Sammy Elliott Katherine Cooke, Pauline Feris, Casey Gethen, Wendy Lancaster  
Pine Aarron Cornell Naomi Bakkali, Donna Hipkin, Rebecca Oliver, Rebecca Rocket  
Poplar Sarah Gallaher & Louise Cook Katie Browning, Ellie Horwood, Emily Moore  
Chestnut Naomi Carr  Leah Clarke, Atlanta Grant, Gaby Jackson  
7C Izzy Coe Lisa Nujeerallee, Lisa White, Faye Wootton  
7W Caroline Withrington Sarah Cole, Katie Cook, Billy Whitehead  
8F Jessalyn Fisher Sharon Candler, Marnie Carr, Claire Deane, Amanda Hatton  
8A Alex O'Connell Gill Clemence, Lesley Nield, Ella Read  
8S Eloise Stimson Gary Bradford, Rebekah Moran  
9B Zach Brookes Sonia Firman, Kirsty Tibble  
9S Billy Stock Tamzin Everett, Michelle Hehir, Luke Rutley  
10G Alex Govia Amy McDonagh, Becky Ryan  
10MY Patricia Meeres Young Charlotte El-Safety, Emma Tansley  
11H Sally Ann Hattingh Loren Grainger, Nicky Rylett  
11L Laura Woolf Emma Connell, Gill Worsley  
Earth Dawn Hudson Sandie Boyce, Ali Brazier, Vanessa Rook, Sonia Stevens  
Saturn Stacey Durrant Dani Buda, Corinna Lamb, Gill Lewis  
Mars Emma Hollamby-Harding Jaq Cole, Alex Toms, Katie Warren, Liz Wright  
Jupiter Jenny Rayner Sue Blackmore, Anita Forder, Ian Marrable, Tracy Overton  
Mercury Ellie Spence Jamie Dunn, Amy Hartley, Charmaine Martin, Sarah Phillips, Emmy Van Hanegem  
Venus Alex Birch Jeanette Beckwith, Ellie Davis, Alfie Glasgow, Jennifer Holden, Lucy Isted, Tim Johnston, Rachael Lowe, Cassie Scott