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School Governance

School Governors provide strategic leadership and accountability in schools. The Hope Learning Community Academy Trust holds ultimate responsibility for all decisions regarding the running of the individual academies. However, though it remains legally responsible for standards across all academies within the Multi Academy Trust (MAT), it delegates some decisions to the Local Governing Body to enable a more focused local control. 

If you would like more information on our funding agreements, gender pay gap reports or any other financial information, please visit our academy website via the link below.



The clerk to trustees is Katherine Sullivan 

To contact the Chair of Governors email:

Market Field School Local Governing Body Details

  • Chair of Governors and Safeguarding governor.
    Michael Lucking 
    (co-opted governor) 15.12.22 - 15.12.26 No relevant interests declared
  • Fran Driver (co-opted governor) 13.07.23 - 13.07.27 Head of Quality and Corporate Assurance at Essex Cares Ltd. from December 2013. Parent of pupil
  • Harriet Butcher (co-opted Governor) 14.07.22-Resigned 04.03.2024 - No relevant interests declared.
  • Sally Ann Hattingh (Staff elected governor) 14.07.21-13.07.25 - Staff member, Daughter employed at Market Field School 
  • Kristel Burgess (Parent elected governor) 19.05.23 - 19.05.27 No relevant interests declared
  • Yvonne Webb (Parent elected governor) 19.05.23 - 19.05.27 No relevant interests declared.
  • Ruth Whitehead - Head of School. Member of NAHT from April 2021. Director of ESSET from Sept 2021 -Son employed as supply LSA/Smile Time support from Sept 2021- 
  • Jaymi-Leigh Pulumbarit - (Staff elected governor) 13.10.2023 - 13.10.2027 No relevant interests declared.
  • Chelsea Harmsworth - (co-opted governor) 16.05.2024-16.05.2028. No relevant interest declared.