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You said, we did

Please could you think of a way to make content on Dojo (such as assemblies) accessible for all the children

We added Bucket Time sessions to our class pages for the Enhanced Autism Base classes.

My child is really missing his friends and the 'silly fun' he has when they are all at school together

We held a virtual summer camp with various activities and a camp fire singalong. We have held Zoom meetings which as well as being for work, on some occasions, have just been to chat with each other. We held online virtual competitions such as design a rainbow and planned World Book Day so that everyone could join in, whether at home or school.

My child is in year 11, they haven't worn uniform for nearly a year and I don't want to buy any for one term

We made uniform optional for year 11 students for 2020-2021.

My child is worried about what the school and classroom will look like when they come back

We held a 'virtual' tour where we looked at what would be different and put this on Dojo. Class teachers posted films of their classroom on Dojo so that you could see how it was set up.