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You said, we did

We are really worried about the car park, can you put some more staff out to keep children safe?

Middle Leader teachers now join the senior leaders each day to assist with getting children in and out of school safely. They will be visible in a high visibility vest.

I really struggle to support my son when he is having violent outbursts at home. I am frightened because he is only getting bigger

We liaised with Joel Shaljean and Essex Steps and held a parents Steps workshop to support parents who were struggling with dysregulated behaviour. 

I am really frightened by the cost of living, I can't afford school uniform or PE kit

We have made uniform options more flexible and always urge anyone struggling with this to call us on 01206 825195.

My child is saying that they are a bit fed up in the playgrounds

We have commissioned a playground audit for 22-23 to look at how we can make our playgrounds more exciting for all of our children.