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Outcome Measures

Autism Bases

To mark progress for children in the Autism bases here at Market Field School, the speech & language team use a tool called MAPP which stands for Mapping and Assessing Personal Progress. MAPP was developed by The Dales School in Yorkshire to help with planning, assessing and recording progress for children with learning disabilities. In particular, it provides a way of recognising lateral progression. Lateral progression is when a child is able to generalise a skill by doing it in a different place or with a different person (generalisation), when a child is able to do a skill more easily (fluency), when a child maintains a skill over a longer period of time (maintenance) and when a child requires less prompting (independence).

The four areas of development that MAPP measures are in bold above and for each of these areas of development there is a 10 point rating scale with descriptors for what progress would look like along this scale. The rating scales can be seen below: