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Mathematics at Market Field

All children at Market Field will take part in maths every day. However, this will look different for our different pathways and even between different cohorts. At the heart of our maths curriculum is the desire to enable our children to learn the essential maths skills they need in order to succeed in life. We want our children to be able to use maths skills to access key areas in life including money and time. We also strive to build confidence and enjoyment of maths within our learners; to support them in growing resilience in order to progress. This is achieved with careful planning and teaching that scaffolds our children with the necessary skills. Teachers make use of practical methods often in paired or group work before children are asked to work more independently on written work.

Learning to Know pathway

Children will follow the Early Learning Goals in our EYFS classes and then move to the National curriculum up to year 9. Key Stage 4 children then work towards Entry Level and Functional Skills qualifications.

Pupils will follow the White Rose Maths scheme of work at an appropriate level for them covering place value, addition & subtraction, multiplication & division, fraction, decimal & percentages, measurement, geometry and statistics. There will be an emphasis on using maths skills learned in all these areas to solve real life maths problems.

Children will supported with their maths learning with practical resources and real life experiences wherever possible. This may include counters, numberlines, Numicon, 100 squares, scales, money and clocks. As children progress the need for concrete resources is lessened as they begin to use mental maths skills and more abstract thinking.

Learning to Be pathway

Children following this pathway will also follow the National Curriculum using the White Rose Scheme of work. They will work towards Entry Level and Functional Skills examinations in Key Stage 4.

Learning to Do pathway

These children will tend to work maths targets set on their EHCP. They tend to be real life maths skills based around number, time and money. They will follow the National Curriculum focusing on these key area and when they reach Key Stage 3 and 4 they will focus on the ASDAN qualification which is topic and life skills based.

Autism Base children

These children work on individual targets based on their EHCPs. They follow the AFLLS and ABLLS scheme of work.

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Subject Leader: Sarah Gallaher