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Jupiter class welcomes our young adults to a “learning to do” pathway following the ASDAN Transition Challenge accredited course. This life-skills programme offers a learner-centred, activity-based curriculum that can be undertaken with as much support as necessary. It has been developed for learners aged 14–16 with SEND. There are two levels available and at MFS we follow the Introduction and Progression for Key Stage 4 students who are below entry level.

ASDAN is a suite of 90 different life-skills challenges from which we have to assess the students covering a minimum of 45 of them. The challenges cover and include all of the board areas of literacy, numeracy and science together with art, citizenship, DT, history, geography and more. It is a very “hands on” and active course where we make weekly visits within the local community. These visits may include shopping, the library, the park and public buildings all of which give opportunities for observations and explorations. Essential to our teaching and learning are all aspects of safety to include stranger danger and online safety. The activities in this programme cover the statutory programmes of study for the Key Stage 4 National Curriculum, along with activities to develop the skills required for supported adult living.

Alongside our ASDAN life-skills we take part in all areas of PE, ICT and food technology. We cover all age related aspects of RSHE and Zones of Regulation. We have music each week, which enhances our curriculum. We cover many Speech and Language targets through circle time activities. Little Wandle is our phonics programme. Personalised learning is our start of each day.

Jupiter Class welcomes your children to very vibrant and supportive curriculum which will enable and enhance progress.