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Individual Interventions

It includes the following services:

CBT (Cognitive – Behaviour Therapy)

CBT focuses on changing the thoughts and emotions that can affect a children behaviour negatively using a structured framework. We also offer a CBT approach to exploring feelings.

Creative Therapy (Including Sandplay)

Creative Therapy helps pupils find a form of expression beyond words or traditional therapy. Art materials are used to support pupils expressing their feelings or experiences, to support communication skills, emotional expression, self- esteem, and overall to support their wellbeing.

Drawing and Talking

Drawing and Talking 1-1 sessions (12 weekly sessions) can be used to help children of all ages who may need support if they have suffered trauma or have underlying emotional difficulties affecting their mental health and well-being. The technique is based on Jungian and Attachment (Bowlby) theories. 

Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner

Emotional Wellbeing practitioners create a safe environment to support 1-1 sessions using a range of therapeutic techniques to explore pupil’s emotions, concerns, and overall wellbeing. The practitioner will also support pupils to learn self-regulation techniques.

Psychodynamic Counselling (Mrs Smith is in her 4th year of training)

Psychodynamic counselling helps children or young people explore any concerns that may be causing problems in their social, emotional or cognitive development. The therapeutic process gives them the opportunity to express difficult or confused feelings in a safe environment with clear boundaries.

Sound Therapy

There are so many benefits to health and wellbeing that can be achieved with therapeutic sound and music including reduced stress, anxiety, muscle tension and physical pain as well as an increased sense of wellbeing and positive mood. 

Instruments- Crystal Singing Bowls, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Gong and Drums.