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Exam and Assessment Results

We are delighted to report our GCSE and Entry Level pass rate for August 2020. We are so proud of it that we would love to shout it from the rooftops (but will settle for a really large font!)

100% of our former year 11 students passed their GCSE exams this summer.


100% of our former year 11 students passed their Entry Level exams this summer.


Of the students we entered for Functional Skills exams at Level 1 and Level 2 the pass rates were as follows:

100% at level 1 (across English, Maths and ICT)

100% at level 2 (Maths, English, ICT)


Our GCSE cohort gained an average of 3 GCSEs or equivalent qualifications each.

Our year 11 as an overall cohort gained a whopping 163 qualifications between them and an average of 5 each.

We acknowledge that for this year group, it was a tricky and unique year. We would like to congratulate them, their parents and the staff who supported them in the amount of resilience and perseverance they demonstrated throughout.