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Assessment and Evidence of Progress at Market Field School

At Market Field School we have high aspirations for every child and feel it is important that all our learners have the opportunity to demonstrate both attainment and progress regardless of their starting points. We recognise that age-related expectations are not appropriate for all our learners, especially those working below the standard of the national curriculum tests. Therefore, we have recently moved over to a new and exciting way of assessing student progress using Evidence for Learning (EFL).

Evidence for Learning (EFL) enables us to evidence, assess, review and plan for the unique needs of all our learners, and supports the research outlined in the Rochford Review.

Using the Evidence for learning app, we will be able to track the progress of our learners from their individual starting points by capturing photographic evidence inside and outside of the classroom and assigning this to their curriculum framework.


In line with this, we have developed new vocabulary (codes) for assessment linked to pupil achievements as outlined below:


Depth of understanding

- Secure (S)

- Consolidating (C)

- Developing (D)

- Emerging (E)


Depth of Independence

- Independent (I)

- Prompted (P)

- Modelled (M)

- Fully Supported (FS)


Depth of Effort

- Outstanding (O)

- Good (G)

- Requires improvement (R)

- Unsatisfactory (U)



These new assessment codes will be assigned to the evidence captured on Evidence for Learning (E4L) and will be used to measure progress as well as form the basis of our new marking policy.


The Annual Review of the Educational Health care Plan is always at the heart of our assessment, teaching and learning. Therefore, we will also be looking to develop Evidence for learning to monitor the progress of our pupils' personalised learning goals as outlined in their EHCP.


Further to this, we will be looking at how we can use Evidence for Learning to involve parents/carers and the learner themselves to engage in their learning journey and reflect the learner’s development and experiences at home and outside in the community.

Evidence for learning will enable us to create a rich, vivid and comprehensive picture of what learning looks like for all our pupils and we are excited to start utilising this assessment tool at Market Field to reflect the outstanding achievements of all our learners.


Laura Woolf (Assessment Lead)