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Coronavirus information

Our remote learning offer is detailed below. 


Please watch this clip to find out how we do lateral flow tests in school.




Hands, Face, Space

There are three simple actions we must do to keep on protecting each other, 

WASH HANDS - Keep washing your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds
COVER FACE - Wear a face covering in enclosed spaces, especially where social distancing may be difficult and where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet.
MAKE SPACE - Stay 2 metres apart where possible, or 1 metre with extra precautions in place.




Hands, Face, Space

We know that Coronavirus spreads when you are in close contact with others. You can stop the spread of it.



Time to come in, Bear: A children's story about social distancing:



How to wash your hands

The best way to wash your hands is with warm water and soap for 20 seconds, about the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice.



How to use hand sanitiser effectively

Alcohol based hand sanitiser is a good alternative to hand washing for when there is no running water nearby.



How to wear a fabric face mask effectively:

Fabric face masks can act as a barrier to help stop virus from spreading. However, it needs to be used properly so that it is effective.