Market Field School

Market Field School

Learning For Life

Our Designated Safeguarding Lead is: Gary Smith

Our Designated Deputy Safeguarding Lead is: Kayly Elmer

Our Governor in charge of Safeguarding is: Ian Coleman

Our Head of Wellbeing is: Sarah Smith

Our school Nurse is: Kayly Elmer

Our Child Sexual Exploitation Champion is: Ruth Whitehead

Our Home Office Accedited Prevent Trainer is: Ruth Whitehead

Our E-Safety Lead is: Luke Frances

Our Essex STEPs trainers are: Matt Bingham, Peter Dwight, Scott Davis and Sarah Smith

Our Safeguarding Leadership team consists of Gary, Ruth, Sarah and Kayly who meet fortnightly.

Any concerns regarding Safeguarding should be directed to Gary or in his absence, Kayly using the school contact number: 01206 825195.