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Our clubs

Most of our clubs run at lunchtimes between 1pm and 1:25pm. This page is all about our lunchtime clubs.



Lego Club (all age) with Miss Moore (Olive Classroom), Card Club (all age) with Mrs Carr (Chestnut class), YouTube club (seniors only) with Mrs L.Halls (7H), Colouring club (all age) with Miss Knight (7K)


Lego club (all age) with Ms Gallaher (Poplar classroom), Library Club (all age) with Mrs Hollamby Harding (library), ICT club (seniors only) with Mr Frances (ICT room)


Board game club (Primary only) with Mr Holmes (Holly Leaf classroom), Film club (Primary only) with Mrs Pope (Acorn Style classroom), Chess Club (all age) with Mr Nash (9N), Signing club (all age) with Mrs Wilsher (8F)


Library club (all age) with Mrs Murphy (library)


ICT club (Primary only) with Miss West (ICT room), Drama club (all age) with Mrs T.Halls (Drama room), Colouring club (all age) with Mrs Barker (B2)


What happens at...

Lego club? At Lego club you can play with Lego - either build with a friend or build on your own. Challenge yourself to build something bigger and better than you have ever built before! Lego is provided.

Card club? At card club you can bring Match Attax, Pokemon, Yi-Gi-Yoh or any cards you like with you to show to your friends and play some games with them. We don't swap cards though so remember to keep them safe and take them home with you at the end of the day.


Colouring club? At colouring club you can draw pictures or colour some in. We have a range of colouring books as well as pictures we have printed off for you to colour. We have characters, patterns, objects and if you can't find something that takes your fancy we can print something off for you.


Chess club? Come and learn how to play chess, all abilities are welcome and we will teach you how to play. Chess boards and pieces are provided.

YouTube club? At YouTube club you can come and chill out and listen to music and watch some music videos. We only watch the radio edit versions of music videos so you can listen and relax knowing you won't hear anything that you shouldn't.

ICT club? Come and play some games on the computer, make your own Top Trump cards, look at your favourite website all in the safety of the school ICT suite under the watchful eye of Mr Frances and Miss West. The school filters mean that you can relax and won't find things you shouldn't on the internet.


Library club? Come and read a book or ask one of our lovely library prefects to read a book to you. Perhaps look at a magazine from the magazine rack or draw a scene from your favourite book to go on the walls. Can't find anything that takes your interest? Just ask and we will help you!



Board game club? Come and play a game with us. Work on your turn taking and sharing, your counting and waiting. All games are provided but if you want to play a board game that we don't have, just ask us!

Film club? Come and watch a DVD with us or play with our toys if you get a little bit fed up watching the film.

Drama club? Come and play some Drama games.


Signing club? Brush up on your signing skills - currently we are using BSL and Makaton signs in our club. Learn some new signs and have fun.


Frequently Asked Questions about our clubs.


All of our lunchtime clubs are free.

Students can go to the club without having to sign up in advance, the only restrictions are on clubs with age restrictions.

If it is a wet lunchtime, clubs are cancelled - this is because we need to use all the classrooms for the students and the teachers to help keep them safe.