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The school Governors, in reaching this policy, accept that the funds available to the school allow little or no scope for the funding of school trips and excursions.

However, in order to maintain a curriculum which enables our pupils/students to benefit from the rich stimuli to be found in different environments outside the school, both in the local community and further afield, the Governors would want to support the organisation of educational visits during school hours, or evening visits and residential trips.

Educational Visits (day)

These are organised by teachers or groups of teachers, who will attempt to negotiate reduced or free entry into places of interest, museums, etc.  Coaches may sometimes need to be hired for these trips where a group is too large for minibuses.  On these occasions parents will be asked to make voluntary contributions to the trip.  If insufficient funds are available the trip will have to be cancelled. 

Educational Visits (evening trips)

As above, parents will be asked to make voluntary contributions if entry fees are payable.

Residential Trips

These trips are more expensive, but form an integral part of the school curriculum.  Parents will be asked to make a contribution to costs of residential trips.  Financial help for individual students can be sought if needed.

Voluntary contributions to the school and the work of the Friends' Association help to finance school trips and journeys.  These, however, cannot be relied upon.

Breakages, Intentional Damage to Buildings and Property

The school has very clear guidelines for pupils/students regarding their behaviour whilst on the school site and on link courses at other establishments.  The Governors acknowledge that some students have emotional and behavioural difficulties which sometimes result in loss of personal control.  They also recognise the high priority given to support and guidance for all pupils within the school.  They therefore feel strongly that, when damage has been done by their children to buildings or property within the school or other sites used by the school, parents should make an appropriate contribution to the costs of repair.  Parents will be contacted immediately in the event of damage caused by their children.