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Market Field School

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All parents naturally have concerns from time to time about the progress or welfare of their children. We consider it to be an important part of our job to deal with your concerns as soon as they arise and to discuss fully with you ways of handling them.

The majority of concerns can be settled at school level and you should approach your child's class teacher in the first instance. Sometimes, however, a problem needs the help of other professionals, such as the Education Welfare or Psychology and Assessment Services. We will be happy to advise you about the appropriate agencies to contact, should this be necessary.

In certain circumstances you have the right of appeal (e.g. in connection with admissions and special educational needs) and again, we will inform you of those rights, or put you in touch with someone who will discuss them with you, as appropriate.

The LA has a statutory procedure for handling complaints about the curriculum and related matters. A copy of the LA's policy is available for you to see at the School Office on request.