Market Field School

Market Field School

Learning For Life

There will be an annual full school report for every pupil. In Key Stage 4 this will be published in March and for the remainder of the school (including Life skills classes at KS4) they are published in June. Pupils' achievements are celebrated continuously and each week a whole school assembly is set aside purely for this purpose. We believe fundamentally in praise and rewards to build self-esteem, self-confidence and self-belief. We will reward all progress in a variety of ways and this is reflected in our behaviour policy. We believe in respecting the rights of every individual and to this end we endeavour to engender respect in an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding.

Each pupil is issued with a home/school diary or planner and we hope that parents will work with us to affect the best possible learning outcomes for our pupils.

Each pupil will have a class group and the class teacher has pastoral responsibility for the group, which makes them the first point of contact should you wish to discuss an issue.

All parents have a login to the school communication app ‘Class Dojo’, please contact the class teacher if you cannot remember your login details!


Should a pupil not be able to attend school, parents are requested to contact the school either by phone or letter. We will then record absence appropriately.