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Updated January 2020 - Market Field School Expansion Plans

As a school, Market Field continues to grow and thrive. We constantly review and adapt our provision to offer the best opportunities and support to our pupils.

Due to ever-increasing demand, we embarked on an expansion programme for our school. Setting the wheels in motion last year, our senior leadership team along with education property consultants, Barker Associates applied to the Condition Improvement Fund. Condition Improvement Fund is a funding allocated by the Education and Skills Funding Agency for schools to address their premises condition. We were successful in our application with a grant of £1,027,029.00 sanctioned, allowing us to proceed with our much-needed expansion project.

Where we have had to remotely teach some students due to space constraints, this expansion project will enable us to accommodate them together with rest of our pupils within our premises. This integrated approach will immensely benefit both our students and staff.

Planning permission for the expansion project was approved in August 2019, subsequently ground-breaking for commencement of the building works were initiated in December.

The project will see a new first floor extension to the east end of the building in order to provide four additional classrooms, toilet facilities, a group room replacing the existing one and a new storeroom for educational tools and equipment. The project is anticipated to be complete by Summer 2020.


At Market Field School we are committed to providing our students the best environments for learning and development and continue supporting them through encouragement and support to be the best they can be.

 Ground Breaking at Market Field