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This year we are starting a new Key Stage 4 course.  It is not a GCSE, but it is equivalent to a GCSE and is recognised as equivalent by the awarding body and by the Government. 

I have chosen this because it allows you to build up a portfolio of evidence all through the course.  You only have to take one exam at the end of year 11.  The portfolio work is marked by me and checked by an outside examiner.

You can be entered for Level 1 (equivalent to GCSE grade D-G) or Level 2 (equivalent to GCSE grade A-C).  Most people will be entered for Level 1.  Within each level you can get a Pass, Merit or Distinction.  I expect you all to at least get a Pass!

In year 10 we will study Unit R071.   This has 3 modules:
Module 1 – Using energy
Module 2 – Keeping Healthy
Module 3 – Materials for a purpose
Each modulehas 3 themes and each theme has a bit of portfolio work attached to it.  This will be either some practical work or a case study.  By the end of R071 you will have produced 9 pieces of portfolio work that I will have marked ready for the examiner to check.  We will start with Module 2.

In year 11 we will do your long coursework (R073) and then the rest of the science content plus the final exam (R072)

Mrs Carlaw
September 2014