Market Field School

Market Field School

Learning For Life

Maths is taught throughout the school with all pupils accessing at least of 3 hours of maths week through either specific maths or cross curricular lessons.  Work is individualised and differentiated to suit the needs and learning styles of our pupils. Our maths scheme is taken from the National Curriculum and taught at the appropriate level for our children.

All aspects of maths including number, measures and geometry are taught in all of our classes.  Where appropriate to the age group, statistics is also taught.

Lessons are taught in a variety of ways including the use of ICT, practical games, cooking and shopping alongside the more traditional written tasks. We try to help the children see that maths is a key skill in life and we therefore try to teach it in this manner making fun, exciting and meaningful.

We do take part in national testing where appropriate. Pupils will sit the Year 2 and Year 6 Statutory Assessment Tests (S.A.T.s)if they are working at a National Curriculum level one or above. Pupils in years 10 and 11 follow the ASDAN life skills, functional skills or GCSE course. We aim to ensure every child leaves us with the highest level of numeracy that they are capable of achieving which will support them in their adult life.