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This subject is embraced enthusiastically by students and specialist teachers of Market Field, utilising our fully equipped technology area. Food technology is taught alongside lessons and as an integral part of the overall programme for Key Stage 1 and 2. Food Technology is time tabled for 2 periods a week for each year group in Key Stage 3 for the delivery of the Food Curriculum.

It is the aim of all teachers and technical support staff who deliver this subject with great passion, to impart high standards of hygiene and safety practices, whilst educating students to explore and produce healthy food products, transferring skills and knowledge to successfully inform and influence students to make enjoyable nutritious choices.

Summary of curriculum for Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3.  Licence to Cook

The Food Technology Department uses the ‘Licence to Cook’ programme of studies. There are underlying themes for each year:

  • Year 7   Hygiene and Safety
  • Year 8   Wise Food Shopping
  • Year 9   Diet and Nutrition

The course is delivered using the PowerPoints and matching recipe cards for every lesson. 

Children are enabled to prepare familiar home made products under skilled guidance and practical support, introducing healthy options.  In all lessons students are encouraged to make informed choices given the nutritional information and examples of products. Skills are introduced in a systematic way across the three years, so that children gradually increase in competence. The aim is for children to be able to follow and adapt recipes, as well as being able to cook healthy food independently. Each year has eighteen lessons which are primarily practical. Children cook in three half term blocks per year. 

Key Stage 4  Gateway Qualifications

We follow the Gateway Qualification awards in Progression which lead to accreditation. By the end of the course the students should be able to use cooking skills to make home-cooked food that does not use pre-prepared ready-cooked food.  Students learn how to select and prepare ingredients for a recipe, and use cooking skills when following a recipe.  They have to demonstrate food safety and hygiene throughout the preparation and cooking process.

Throughout the course students are learning the value of passing on information about home cooking.

Food technology

Food technology