Market Field School

Market Field School

Learning For Life

Aims and Objectives:

"To adopt and inspire a curiosity and fascination about the world and it's people"

(KS3 National Curriculum)

  • To build upon and reinforce the prior knowledge of Key Stage 1 and 2
  • To introduce the idea of differing religions and beliefs and the ideas of acceptance and tolerance - everyone is different; everyone is special in their own way
  • To develop an understanding of where we are in the world and develop a knowledge and understanding of other countries and their cultures
  • To develop knowledge of the UK and their own locality
  • To extend knowledge of the location of globally significant places
  • To develop understanding of significant events within British History and how these events have influenced our current world


Each year we will hold themed curriculum days to further develop our knowledge and understanding. These typically include: Victorian day, French day, Spanish day. Details will be provided nearer the time.


Curriculum Map

Humanities Curriculum KS3 2019.docx