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Market Field School Information Report September 2019

An SEN Information Report will be updated annually and in year to respond to any key changes in the year to reflect the school's provision. The report states the current provision within Market Field School and Market Field College.

What are the kinds of special educational needs for which provision is made at Market Field School?

This is an academy day special school for children aged rising 4-16 years. Children will be provided with an appropriately paced and differentiated curriculum. The school also has a 6th form college of approximately 20 placements per year for children aged rising 16-19 years old. 

Admissions to both school and college are within the admissions policies on the school and college websites.

At Market Field School the pupil's identified needs will be complex and significant in the area of cognition and learning (moderate-severe learning difficulties or multiple learning difficulties) as described in the SEN Code of Practice. The pupil may also have associated needs in the areas of emotional/social and communication and interaction (autistic spectrum condition and/or speech and language difficulties). In addition pupils may have sensory or mild physical difficulties. 

What are the school's policies for the identification and assessment of pupils/students attending the school?

All pupils who attend the school or college will have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP). In a few rare cases, existing pupils may still have a Statement of Special Educational Need whilst they wait for Essex Statutory Assessment Service (or their local authority if they have been placed from a different county) to convert them over to EHCPs. Over 95% of our students now have EHCPs and all new starts to the school are joining with this document.

Further information on the admissions to and assessment within our school can be found on our website. 

As a special school we are not required to have a SENDCo, families liaise directly with their class teacher and senior management as needed.

What is the provision for pupils/students at Market Field and how is it evaluated?

Our provision is based on a strong vision that:

  • Our School is a place where everyone is treated with dignity, with respect and is of equal worth.
  • Our vision is to develop a highly effective learning community and ensure that pupils are learning for life.
  • We believe that all staff have a responsibility to meet the needs of all the pupils/students at Market Field School. Underlying the vision are strong values which have been compiled by our staff and students with support from our parents.
  • Our key purpose is the construction, delivery and constant improvement of quality learning experiences appropriate to the needs of all our pupils/students.

 To achieve our vision we aim to:

  • create a happy and secure learning environment where all pupils/students needs are met and where achievements and success are recognised and praised.
  • ensure that all the National Curriculum/statutory curriculum guidance is delivered to all pupils/students
  • ensure that ICT is an essential vehicle to access and enhance the curriculum and communication for pupils
  • ensure that e-safeguarding is paramount in keeping all members of the school community safe
  • provide all staff with training and development opportunities to enable effective practice
  • promote the pupils/students spiritual, physical and emotional well-being so that they are secure, confident and well motivated
  • help pupils/students acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence which enable them to lead as full, interesting and independent lives as possible
  • develop in pupils/students the idea of personal responsibility and encourage decision making and choice, communicating through whatever means appropriate
  • provide a wide range of age appropriate learning experiences, which are both exciting and challenging
  • offer opportunities of working cooperatively alongside others, developing friendships and respect for others
  • provide pupils/students with experiences of their own and other religious and cultural backgrounds and values
  • foster relationships with parents and other professionals


Further details of all areas of our school curriculum and assessment processes can be seen on our website.

More information is available on work within our school through our 'school offer'. 

 School staff details are on the website. The school contact details are also on the website where you will be able to contact a member of senior management or the class teacher.

Class sizes vary between 8 in our Autism bases and 15 in our moderate learning difficulty classes. Staffing levels are enhanced and include at least 2 Learning Support Assistants per class as well as the class teacher. The exact staffing levels in each class will vary according to the needs of the group.

The school receives advice from a range of health professionals in order to meet the needs of the students as assessed by the appropriate professionals. We also work closely with our colleagues in Health and Social care to implement the SEN code of practice. We meet with the managers of the services to ensure that joint working practices are consistent.

 We have a school development plan and evaluate this throughout the year. 

 What training do staff have in relation to the needs of pupils/students at Market Field School?

Market Field School is highly committed to ongoing training of staff. We coordinate training and the Head of School ensures that all staff training is up to date and statutory duties are met. 

All staff have clear job descriptions which detail the required qualifications for each post in school. Training is specifically related to the needs of children in our school and also as required by statutory guidance. We have a 100% pass record in getting our newly qualified teachers through their NQT year.

Other staff continue to gain a range of certificates and qualifications to mark their commitment to courses such as Higher Level Teaching Assistant, MA in Autism, Paediatric First Aid, Emergency First Aid at Work, Makaton and Essex STEPS.

 We continue to commit to having qualified trainers in school for courses such as STEPS, Keeping Children Safe in Education, Makaton, PREVENT and First Aid. Our Site Manager is responsible for delivering Health and Safety Induction to new staff.

 How will the environment, equipment and facilities be provided to support pupils/students at Market Field School?

Market Field School is a purpose built building and is fully accessible with lift access to the first floor where needed. We have multi-sensory rooms and soft play rooms on both floors of the building which are used by children for a variety of purposes. We have a suite of therapy rooms which are used by our Speech and Language team as well as our Wellbeing team. 

We have reviewed and enhanced curriculum resources in response to the new curriculum. 

Our SEN policy details the wide range of provision for our children including the range of equipment and facilities for children with different needs. This policy can be found on our website and is reviewed annually. 

All parents and families are welcome to visit the school prior to their child or young person attending the school.

 What are the arrangements for consulting parents of children/young people at Market Field School and involving them in the education of their child?

At Market Field School parents are fully included in the process of working with their children/young person.

This includes:

  • initial visits to school
  • introductory meetings
  • daily home/school book for information exchanges and key messages
  • class Dojo for information exchanges and key messages
  • parent/carer and teacher meetings including updates from professionals
  • annual review meeting and report
  • parent workshops and training
  • coffee mornings
  • parental representation on the Board of Trustees
  • parental involvement in changes in school through informal and formal consultations.

What are the arrangements for consulting young people at Market Field School about, and involving them in, their education?

All children and young people in our school are treated with dignity and respect. There is full personalisation for the curriculum for each pupil/student in order that they can access and experience success throughout their school life. 

The School Council involves students to contribute and decide on aspects of school life relating to their needs.

The assessment and annual review process of ECH plans includes the choices and views of the pupils.

What are the arrangements for assessing and reviewing pupils/students progress towards outcomes?

Every child in school will have 12 month short term educational outcomes set for them. Parents/families are consulted on these outcomes. Progress towards the outcomes is reviewed formally on a 3 monthly basis and through liaison with families across the year. 

Monitoring of progress towards outcomes is continuous within the classrooms.

What are the arrangements made by the Board of Governors for dealing with complaints from parents/carers of pupils/students in relation to the provision at Market Field School?

The process for all complaints is made available on the school website under policies.

How does the board of governors involve others - including health, social care, local authority services and voluntary organisations, in meeting the needs of pupils/students at Market Field and in supporting their families?

The Board of Governors are aware of the wide range of staff working within the school to support the children, young people and their families. Day to day responsibility for managing this is passed to the Chief Executive and the Head of School/Head of College. 

Most staff working within Market Field are employed by the school directly. This includes all our teaching and learning support staff, Speech and Language therapists, Wellbeing team, nursing team as well as admin/site management/catering etc. Visiting professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, paediatricians, optometrists are employees of the local NHS delivery group. These professionals visit and work within the school training staff, advising staff, working with children and young people who are on their case load.

Transport to school is organised by the Local Authority not the school. Transport staff are employed by the transport companies directly, this includes passenger escort assistants who may also be employed as Learning Support Assistants at the school between 9 and 3. 

Social Workers are employed by the local Authority and are based at Essex House, Colchester.

All contact details for the above services are available on request. If families have a query or a concern relating to these areas it is best to contact the professionals directly. This ensures that any messages/queries/concerns from families are dealt with in the most efficient way.

What are the school's arrangements for supporting pupils/students in transferring between phases of education or in preparing for adulthood?

All transitions are well planned for throughout the school as children and students move from class to class and phase to phase. Parents/carers always have the opportunity to meet the new teacher and the class staff.

Students are increasingly supported in planning for their transition from school to adult life. Staff from IAG services (formerly Connexions) and our own Careers and Employment coordinator work with pupils in school to get to know them and advise both pupils/students on what is available after leaving Market Field - either from school at 16 or college at 19.

Where is the information on the Essex Local Offer published?

There is further information on our own school website and this links directly to the local offer for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities on the Essex Local Offer website: 

There are also links on the website to neighbouring authorities websites: Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Thurrock and Norfolk for families who live in these areas.


If you have any queries or requests for policies or information relating to this report, please contact our Head of School - Ruth Whitehead on 01206 825195