Market Field School

Market Field School

Learning For Life

Should you be an existing parent, the member of staff whom you should direct queries to should be the class teacher in the first circumstance. For prospective parents or visiting professionals, please contact the office staff.


Senior Leadership Team:
Mr G Smith - Executive Headteacher
Mr A Dean - Head of School
Mr L Frances - Assistant Headteacher

Class and Form Tutors:
Holly Leaf - Mr K Holmes
Acorn Style - Mrs M Pope (Autism leader)
Acorn Seedling - Miss L Gurney
Apple - Mrs K Scott/Ms E Rixon
Birch - Miss E West
Cherry - Mrs S Hattingh
Cedar - Mr K Pearce
Olive - Miss J Moore
Poplar - Mrs S Gallaher (KS1/2 Phase Leader)
Oak Tree - Mrs S McAndrew
Oak Leaf - Miss Forrester
Chestnut - Mrs N Carr
7K - Miss V Knight
7S - Miss R Stubbins
8M - Miss M Soul/Miss M Murphy
8S - Mrs S Saxby (KS3 Phase Leader)
H - Mrs L Halls
9N - Mr D Nash (Assessment and Attendance Lead)
D - Mrs D Hudson
V - Mr M Bingham (based on college site)
W - Miss S Waylen
HP - Mrs A Howarth
10P - Mrs Wilsher
10T - Mrs T Halls
11C - Mrs P Carlaw (Science Lead)
B1 - Mr S Davis
B2 - Mrs M Barker

Additional teaching staff:
Mr P Dwight -KS4 Phase Leader
Ms Megan Kemp - Teacher
Ms L Scott-Hornsby - Teacher
Mrs J Buxton - Teacher

Mrs E Hollamby-Harding
Ms N Froomes - HLTA - KS1/2


The Therapeutic Team
Mrs S Smith - Head of Wellbeing/Therapeutic support manager and safeguarding lead 
Ms S Lincoln - Attitude for Learning coordinator
Miss K Rowland - Creative therapy, Drawing and Talking practitioner 
The Speech and Language Team
Ms Lucy Bevan - Head of Department/Speech and Language therapist
Ms J Dewdney - Speech and Language therapist
Ms J Cronshaw - Speech and Language therapist

The Nursing Team
Ms K Elmer - Nurse

The Admin and Premises Team
Ms T Bartlett - Admin
Mrs S Cox Admin
Ms G Moore - Admin
Mrs Mann - Admin
Ms S Mounteney - Admin
Ms L Walford - Admin
Mrs L Novak - Admin
Mrs J Quantrill - Exams officer
Mrs P Palmer - Catering Manager
Mr A Chable - Site Manager

Careers and Work Experience 
Mrs C Skeggs - Employability and Work experience coordinator