Market Field School

Market Field School

Learning For Life

A Selection of Parental Comments

" very relaxed and happy. She is gaining in confidence daily and feels very much at home. She enjoys going to school and trying to learn…. We look forward to sending our little boy next year and see this as a very positive move."

"Our boys have thrived in the wonderful nurturing and positive atmosphere. They both love going to school which is a testament to the dedication and professionalism of the staff".

"...he is able to flourish in an environment which understands and cares about him and one that is proud of him and his achievements too. It is also an environment which recognises him as an individual with an individual difficulty in life and it continually works with us to overcome this difficulty, whilst allowing him every opportunity available to be himself.

"Always try to see the child first rather than the disability."

"We feel since our son has attended Market Field that there has been constant advice and help for the whole family and a vast improvement in our child’s education."

"Very rarely do you come across a place of learning where the commitment of the staff to the children is always total and absolute; where learning is constructive but also fun. A positive buzz seems to flow through the school making it an excellent environment to bring out the best in each of our children, helping them to achieve their full potential whatever that might be. The place is Market Field School - very much a "special" school."

Some Visitor Comments

"The Market Field ethos – enthusiasm, dedication, commitment and vision is something we will take with us"

"The work you and your team are doing is an inspiration and a real example to follow.

MacIntyre Care Children’s Homes

"My experience in your school has made a big impact on me; I came in with an open mind and I left feeling quite humbled ……. it was the most worthwhile school visit I have ever made."

Local SENCOs

"I was overwhelmed with the positive, calm, caring feel of the school."

"We were greatly impressed by all we saw – the lovely atmosphere throughout the school and, above all, the tremendous relationship you and the staff have with all the students."

A Selection of OfSTED Comments – November 2009

"The school flourishes on an enduring vision embodied in the Headteacher’s drive to have a school which works most effectively and comprehensively for its pupils, their parents and the community"

"All pupils benefit enormously from high quality learning in the classroom and the extent to which all of their needs are met".

"A high calibre of care, guidance and support for pupils and their families has the utmost priority".

Previous Ofsted Comments from March 2007

"Lessons are very effective because of the sheer enthusiasm that teachers have in providing challenging activities and very careful planning for each pupil’s individual needs."

"Achievement is outstanding."

"Pupils consider their school to be "excellent"."

"Teaching and learning are outstanding."

"Pupils' welfare is given very high priority and is therefore exceptional quality."